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Advertisements / Flyers


Flyers are typically used for announcing events, providing information about exhibitions or concerts, but also job advertisements.
In most cases the task of a flyer is to communicate succinctly and in the clearest way possible when, where, and which people or group will appear or meet.

For the design of flyers this means that the necessary information has to be arranged in a structured and lucid way. The selection of the format plays a big role and influences the visual design. Single-sided or double-sided, with a fold or without, we design individual flyers and coordinate the printing.


With advertisements the respective publication’s format specifications set the framework for the design. When visualising the advertisement the fact that it will be immediately next to other advertisements or editorial texts has to be taken into account. The important information has to be arranged appealingly in the smallest amount of space, as each millimetre literally costs more money. We will gladly advise you on the possibilities for advertisement design and effective offline communication.