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Corporate Design

A design is not good when it is finished … A design is finished when it is good.
Prof. Kurt Weidemann

Creative design and reliability in production are just as important for the successful realisation of a project as sensible planning and a good concept. Particularly in the development of corporate design elements which are are to be used in different channels (print, online, Facebook etc.) it is of great importance to have an overview of the entire design concept early on during the development process.

Corporate design generally includes many elements. Starting with the company logo and graphic elements, through to colour definition and stipulated in the company font. All of these basis elements are the basis of the creation of all communication methods – online and offline.

We will combine all colour, font and logo definitions for your company into a corporate design guideline. This guideline is a valuable tool for you, your suppliers and service providers, so that you corporate communications are authentic and unambiguous across all channels.