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Mail shots: individual and innovative

Realising an idea which reached the target group and in doing so is as original as possible and remains realistic in terms of costs? In our understanding mail shots are the premier class of print communications. The conceptional work takes up a large part of the total production time. This includes the planning and budgeting of all mailing elements, such as covering letters, packaging, reply fax, mailing type, reply envelope, competition, discount promotions, etc.

The scope of the design and content parts of course greatly depends on the topic and the intention of the mail shot. For each project we discuss in as much detail as possible beforehand what message is to be conveyed. With the design we are happy to try and break the mould depending on the budget restrictions and to set accents with unusual material or forms of presentation.

We are happy to advise you in the planning and realisation of an innovative mail shot.

Book cover

The design of book covers is a relatively new area of operation for us and one which is a lot of fun for our designers. Developing a cover that is interesting and awakens the desire to read the book is a challenge which we would be happy to set ourselves in the future. Whether e-books or classic printed books – both versions need a cover.