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Facebook marketing

In Germany there are 18,405,260 (1) active Facebook users. This large number offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to actively engage in Social Media Marketing. Businesses can increase their recognition, improve customer communication, and increase sales via social networks. The website is the most well-known platform for this and offers companies numerous opportunities to draw attention to themselves. It’s all about Facebook!

However, only professionally run Social Media Marketing is rewarding. Those businesses who set up a “micro site” on Facebook and just “get going with it” will quickly reach their limits. As a business you should extensively grapple with this area, as it is often the smaller things which created difficulties.

One small example

Many businesses set up a Facebook site to secure the “name” and to be able to fill in the page later. What many do not know is that simply setting up an account is not sufficient to secure the name. At least 25 “fans” are necessary for this.

Once a Facebook page has been set up, then many businesses think that success will come by itself. However, this is not the case. Those who want success in the area of Social Media must always be well informed, remain up to date, and take the time to make active exchanges with interested parties and customers via the platform. As many companies do not have the time for this themselves, many entrust SMM (Social Media Marketing) to agencies.

IMC marketing & consult is a professional advertising agency which has already been involved in the area of social media for many years. We offer our customers a professional Facebook micro site. This includes the creation of the site itself, but also posting entries on the wall, the creation of videos, and activating targeted advertisements.

Furthermore, we offer our customers SEO marketing for their Facebook page. We already provide support to many companies from the Heidelberg and Mannheim region in the area of Social Media Marketing.

(1) as of 17.05.2011