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Online PR – text, style and technique lead to success

At the start of a good online PR campaign is the press mailing list. It is very important that in this data pool all the relevant online media are listed for their target groups and are kept up to date.

In the area of online PR we draw on a current database, in order to selection the most suitable press portals for you. With the aid of the data ascertained, we can create an individual press mailing list, so that your communication is always optimally presented.

For the selection of the right press mailing list, the theme of the press release is an important point. Before we create a press release, we inform ourselves as to what the focus of the press release is to be and what background data absolutely need to be mentioned in the portrait of the company.
If the topic of the press release has been determined and the press mailing list has been created, the work on the actual press release can then begin.

In the area of online PR it is important to write the press release according to certain criteria: a press release is not an advertisement. It should not contain any aspects of advertising, but should be directed towards editorial aspects.

The press code of conduct, which even every print press release has to observe, is important on the one hand and on the other hand the selection and number of the right key phrases, so that your press release can be found.

Links also play a big role in the area of online PR. Everyone who reads your press release in a news portal has the opportunity to go directly on your website, if they so wish. Wherever possible, we also link pictures. These links not only have a direct benefit for the reader, but it is also an important criteria for search engines.