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Search engine marketing

Increase business success with internet marketing

The latest research has shown that almost 60% of all Germans are connected to the internet. In addition, every second German person carried out at least one sales purchase via the internet in 2006.

At the same time the range of websites is steadily increasing. The challenge is to be noticed within this enormous range of websites. Internet marketing strategies can help you to realised this aim and lead additional qualified visitors to your websites.

Internet marketing is therefore of the highest importance for every business and the question should not be whether you should use internet marketing at all, but when and how? For example:


Newsletters are a very interesting and inexpensive instrument. But be careful – the professional mailing of newsletters has certain conditions attached to it. More on the topic of newsletters …

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a very well-functioning example of so-called “sponsored listings” – i.e. keyword specific, paid advertisements within the hit list of a search engine or within the content of a partner website. You can decided which circle of people the campaign will be geared towards and you have total control of the costs.
We are a certified Google Adwords partner. Our marketing department creates individual Adwords campaigns for our customers. Keywords are selected which are directed towards the target groups and upon request a regional limit can be set for the advertisements and professional advertising texts created.

What advantages does Google Adwords bring?

Besides the organic search engine optimisation with Google, there is also the possibility of activating paid advertisements which appear at the top and the right of the search engine results page.

Up to a third of Google users click on advertisements when they make their searches. So you can lead additional, qualified visitors to your website through the targeted activation of advertisements.
Specifically, this brings with it the following advantages:

  • You pay according to the PPC (Pay Per Click) system, so only when those making searches actually click on your advertisement and land on your website
  • Cost control through budget limits
  • Qualified visitors for your website (through the free selection of keywords and advertising texts)
  • Additional traffic on your website
  • Monitor your success through free tools and statistics
  • You can set a regional limit with the activation of your advertisements and so you only reach the area of your target group

How does advertisement placing work?

When you have created a Google Adwords account, a campaign with the corresponding advertising group is set up, and you have entered the payment options, then you are present on the advertising network of Google Adwords. Then keywords given by you determine what the Google user has to search for in order for your advertisement to be activated.

With each search request there is an auction between all of the Google Adwords users which have entered the respective keyword. In doing so, Google Adwords evaluates the the combination of the offered price per click (PPC) and the quality factor of the website which is linked via the advertisement to the corresponding keyword. The quality factor measures, among other things, the click through rate (CTR). This is a value which represents the relationship between the advertising campaign and the impressions. This auction determines what position the individual advertisements will have and which advertisements those making the search will ever see.

With your Adwords advertisements you also have the possibility of being delivered to partner websites of the search engine. The partner websites are analysed by the search engine for their content and compared with the theme of the advertisement. In this way they precisely address the target group who are interested in your products or services.

Content-related advertising can be in the form of text links, content ads, and advertisements in newsletters, for example.


You as a provider are represented with your advertisement on numerous partner websites with the aim of leading visitors to the partner websites to your website through clicking on advertising material. The great thing about this concept is that the fees are paid according to success. We can undertake the entire campaign management for you.

Monitoring success: One thing is certain: nowhere can the success of an advertising campaign or the success of a company presentation be measured as accurately as on the internet. How does that work? More on monitoring success …