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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

According to recent studies almost 80% of website visitors land on the desired website via search engines.

We know the ranking factors which are the basis of search engines. We can therefore achieve a good position on Google and co. with the aid of these factors. We also have an overview of users’ habits in regard to search engine optimisation. We match our optimisation and analyses to the changed user relationships. Most users today do not just enter one keyword in the search bar, but phrases which consist of 2-3 individual terms.

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Further information

When is search engine optimisation successful?

When the number of website visitors has quantitatively increased. Due to this increase you will have the opportunity of gaining more potential customers for your website. You can present yourself externally and build up a positive image on the World Wide Web.

How can I increase the number of website visitors?

The higher you are listed by the search engine, the greater your change of being noticed by potential customers. In order to achieve the best possible ranking it is important to know the search engines’ ranking factors.
A qualitatively good ranking can be achieved through the selection of the right keywords. On the other hand it is purely statistically possible to increase the ranking through expanding the volume of text.

What can we do for you in the area of search engine optimisation?

For successful search engine optimisation we analyse the current situation. Through keyword and ranking analyses we find out:

  • what the current status of your website is
  • the most important competitors listed
  • what keywords are important for your customers

Besides the analyses, the domain and the URL also play and important role. The domain name alone should contain the most important search term or terms. However, the age of the domain can play a role in the ranking. You can receive more detailed information on this topic in the chapter on domain and URL.

The planning of your website takes place based upon analyses

If your new web presence is online, then the continual optimisation process of your website begins. Besides the on-page optimisation, we also carry out off page optimisation, such as the creation and publishing of press releases, increasing link popularity and pushing individual keywords. This process can take place over many years and thus support a permanently good ranking.