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Web design

The website is an important part of corporate communications today. However, only a few companies know which opportunities a website can offer, what has to be taken into consideration and everything which you can do wrong.

A company’s internet presence represents a virtual shop window. If the presentation is not successful, then sales will also be unsuccessful. We have the expertise to develop a website according to your vision and which lives up to the demands of today’s internet.

We will gladly advise you in regard to the selection of your domain name. We offer our services as a full-service marketing agency in, among other places, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Heilbronn and the surrounding area.

Further information

If you are interested in this topic and wish to have further information or an individual consulting session, then simply contact us.

What has to be taken into consideration when creating a website?

Search engine compatibility is very important and is a complex topic. Therefore we have dedicated a separate chapter to it. If the potential customer has found the way to your website, then user friendliness (usability) is important. The customer must feel comfortable with your website. Customers should be able to find the content which they are interested in at the first glance. The website therefore needs a clear structure. The web design should reflect your company’s corporate design. Potential customers should be able to identify with your company. Your company’s logo, font, and colours are an important part of the layout of the website and will be incorporated into the design by our graphics department.

Who will manage the new website?

This question must be clarified in advance in order to select the right technology. We offer three different alternatives:

  1. We create static HTML pages and undertake all of the management for you.
  2. You manage all of the site content yourself. For this you will need a so-call Content Management System (CMS). We can offer training for this system, if required.
  3. Often changes are only required for just a few pages, e.g. news, dates or references. All remaining pages will tend to be static and will rarely be altered. For this we offer simple form-drive solutions (tools), which can be used at any time without training, even by lay people.

What has to be considered when selecting the domain?

For the running of a website a web server and at least one website address (domain) are required. We operate our own server and register all available domains for you. We will gladly advise you in regard to the selection of your domain name.

What benefits should a website offer?

  • Presenting the company
  • Gaining new customers via search engines
  • Conveying the trustworthiness of the company
  • Informing potential customers about products and services
  • Generating additional revenue