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Are you thinking about setting up a blog?

In technical terms, setting up a blog is uncomplicated and requires little effort. The most important features of a blog is that visitors can comment on the blog entries, that is to say enter into interaction with the author. Therefore, blogs are not a static, but a dynamic, interactive version of the classic website. For all applications and areas a pure blog is definitely an alternative to the classic website.

The design of blogs is from the outset to be viewed as a somewhat nuanced task. The design in the best opportunity to set yourself apart from other blogs made using a modular system. At any rate, individually designed blogs have the same status of a business card on the web. Many of our customers operate a website as well as a blog in which entries are continually published. Professional design and conception are required here.

If you would like to present your blog professionally, we recommend that you observe some basic steps. A blog demands considerably more attention and effort to manage it than a classic website. A far-sighted strategy and content planning are necessary in order for your blog to have success. We are happy to advise you on the planning of your blog as a new part of your marketing strategy and undertake the implementation of the technical and design aspects for you.

How do you use a blog?

Orginally, the blog medium was mainly used by private individuals. However, with time ever more companies have recognised the advantages of this form of communication. The individualisation of communication is a decisive advantage. The possibility of interaction with the readers is also an advantage of the blog medium, because in most blogs the reader has the opportunity to comment on the entry. With a blog companies can differentiate itself from the competition. If the blog is connected to a Facebook account, the posts which a company publishes are also posted on Facebook at a same time. It is useful not to keep a blog in isolation and separate from other marketing activities, but to combine it with social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. You then only need to write post once, as it is published in the blog and also appears on the social networks. This is effective, saves time and costs.

Quicker success with blogs?

Those who set up blogs and promise quick success from the blog alone is wrong. A blog also needs managing, very regular management even. Only when new and interesting pieces of news are continually posted does the blog become interesting for the readers. The following things should therefore be observed when creating entries:

1. Make the company human
In a blog it should be clear that people are behind the company. It doesn’t hurt to to present these people with a short statement and a picture on the blog. Employee’s certificates or awards can also be mentioned. On the one hand this creates motivation among employees and on the other it shows the customer an image of the company which does not ordinarily reach the public.

2. Do not confuse a blog with a press release
Press releases are written in a factual and sober tone. Thus journalists are supposed to be made aware of the company. However, so that existing customers and potential customers can be interested in a blog entry, it must directly address both. Write about areas within the company which might interest customers.

3. Maintain a balance
You should show permanent commitment and regularly publish entries in the blog. But you should not overwhelm the reader. A blog does not need to be a stylistic masterpiece. Lots of long sentences, for example, tire the reader. Sum up what you want to say succinctly and briefly and underline it with corresponding pictures.

These are only three small examples of how to make the management of a blog easier and could lead to more success on the internet. What you should not forget when creating entries is that it is not just the content which counts. High value links and keywords are also important for the successful blog.

We would be happy to inform you about the advantages a blog has for your company and the right way to keep such a blog in an in-depth discussion.