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Each website needs an internet address, so that it can be reached via a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome). This internet address consists of a so-called domain name which is only assigned once, but in addition can be combined with different top levels (e.g. .de, .com). These top level domains can be country-specific, such as .de for Germany, but also be aimed towards the organisation or platform, such as .org or .info.

For the registration of such domain names annual costs are incurred which secure the use of the name with the registrar responsible.

Finding a name

When searching for a name it is useful to find a name which can bring advantages with it later on, due to reasons of search machine optimisation. In addition it is always positive when it is possible to deduce the content or the company which is behind it just from the name of the website. We can draw upon many years of experience in this area and we will gladly help you find suitable free names for your domain. Simply get in contact with us and allow us to advise you.

Type of domain use

We make the difference here between so-called park domains and domains which are connected to the hosting of web contents and email addresses. Domains which are not actively worked upon and, for example, merely redirect the visitor are referred to as park domains.

When registering a domain you have the opportunity to set up post boxes and email forwarding on this domain. So, you can very simply and beneficially use addresses such as as part of your company communication.

When setting up such post boxes, different factors have to be taken into account in order to be able to guarantee the problem-free and above all secure sending and receiving of emails:

  • The right virus filter
  • The right spam filter
  • The size of the post box
  • The selection of the right password
  • The planned use of the post box

Thanks to our many years of experience we are able to offer you the service of setting up the desired post boxes according to your demands. All questions on the topic of email accounts on your domain at imc can be simply sent to We look forward to being able to help you further and offering you individual advice.

With virus and spam protection the most frequent dangers should be recognised and blocked in order to protect your end devices and your company’s network.

A very important factor is the selection of the right password. A combination of numbers and letters should always be used and which consists of at least 6 characters. In this way you are able to protect yourself against hackers who are out to steal your data or send spam mails via your email account.

Furthermore, in regard to the size of the post box the daily email traffic and the size of the attachments should be considered and take into account. In this way, you can ensure that all emails can be received without any problems and that the post box does not “fill up”.

In some cases post boxes are managed by several people or by more than end device (PC, smartphone, etc.). For this we offer managed exchange post boxes which allow all users to be up to date see all of the emails which have been sent. Above all, this makes the management of emails easier and always gives you a good overview of the communication system, via which an email address is processed.

All about your email address

Managed exchange post box

Use the advantages:

  • Email management via several devices
  • Email management via several people
  • Always have an optimum view across the communication system
  • Outlook Licence included

With a managed exchange post box you have the opportunity to manage an email address via several devices. In this way, several employees can work via one post box or set up the post box in a way which is very simply mobile and on the PC. The advantage of a managed exchange post box is not only the ability to send and receive via this address on different devices. You can also see the emails which have been sent on all devices. Thus, you also have a folder for sent emails which is always visible via all devices. This allows the joint use of a post box, without the constantly having to swap it over between employees.

Email Support

We also offer you our know how in the area of email support. As the setting up of an email account and your email programme (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) can possibly throw up unknown problems, we offer you our email support.
Telephone: +49 (0) 6222 / 305 383 – 17*

Or simply write us an email with your question.

Simply get in contact with us. We will help you with your individual problem.

*€17.50 per quarter hour or part thereof during the processing time

Set up an auto responder

For our customers there is also the opportunity to log into their postbox under the following link using your login data.

Here, you can alter your password and set an auto responder for the post box during periods of absence. When selecting a new password it should always be ensured that if consists of different letters and number combinations (and characters), in order to protect your post box from spam and hackers. Should you have any questions, you can contact us at any time. We will be glad to help you.