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Individual websites

Conception, layout & realisation

Before conceiving a website you should ask the following question:
“What do I expect from my website?”

Some companies want to be represented on the internet for reasons purely of image. For them a website which presents the company is sufficient. However, the majority of companies would like to gain new customers or sell products via their own website. Besides search machine optimisation, usability and the target group should be considered in regard to web design.

When you have the theme of the website, then we will go into the fine planning with you. The scope of the web presence is then determined. Following this the website is divided into different categories and sub-pages (depending on the complexity of the site).

When a visitor enters a website for the first time they decide whether they want to explore the site within a few moments. How easily the user is able to get along – so-called usability – is crucial. The website must always offer the user what they have searched for.

Conception and usability

It is important to take into account the target group in the conception of the website. They must feel that they are being addressed through the graphic design and structure of the internet presence. The focus can be on large volumes of text on the one hand, or on graphics on the other hand. The website should be constructed is a target-group specific way.

Providing pictures is also a topic in the conception of the website. Here, it must be clarified whether pictures already exist, whether picture material is to be purchased and who the rights for the picture belong to. In regard to the conception of the website, researching pictures and their selection can take up a lot of time due to the extensive nature of the picture data bases. Your help in this area would be very much appreciated.


Your corporate design flows into the website layout for the design of the website. A basic layout is determined and which leads throughout the entire web presence like a golden thread. All elements (pictures and forms) in regard to the website layout are matched to each other in terms of their graphics. A detailed index (site map) is created which gives and overview of the entire web presence.

Implementation in HTML

The layout which has been discussed is then implemented in an HTML pate whilst adhering to the HTML definitions. A master template is created, a template for copying so to speak, and which is carried over into all pages of the web presence.

In particular we take into consideration the use of a valid HTML code, so that the appearance is the same in all browsers and the web presence is shown error-free, independent of the operating system. In addition, with a valid HTML code we ensure that the content can be easily recognised by search engines.