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Modern and appealing newsletter design

The newsletter is the medium of choice for keeping your customers and interested parties up to date with news: with photos and links to further information. We would be happy to design and create your newsletter – in a modern design and technically perfect – with appealing textual content according to you guidelines. With the design we put great emphasis on your corporate design guidelines and develop a uniform framework layout for repeated mailings.

Mailing can take place via our reliable and spam-proof mailing software.

If you want to design and send the newsletter content yourself, we can programme a so-called template which you can then process yourself.
We offer you intelligent and target-orientated email marketing – talk to us and make use of our experience.

When should I send my newsletter?

With newsletters there are good and bad times to send it. Here, we list for you some of the points which should be observed with your mailing so that your newsletter achieves a highest possible opening rate.

There are many factors which contribute towards the opening rate of a newsletter. One of the most important is the time. Mails which are sent on Monday evening are read by around half on the recipients. On the other hand, mails which are sent shortly before the weekend are opened by every third person.

But it is not just the weekend which is decisive, but also the time of day. So it is preferable to send out your mails mornings and evenings. Furthermore, the time of year plays a role. In the run-up to Christmas newsletters are read considerably less often than in other months in which considerably fewer mails are sent.

The shorter and more factual the subject line, the more likely the newsletter will be opened. No customer wants to open an email with advertising in the subject line. You should preferably name your company as the sender, as this leads to a higher opening rate than a mail sent by a person.

Important points when sending newsletters

  1. Send your newsletter at unusual times once in a while
  2. Brief and factual subject line (no advertising in the subject line)
  3. The recipient should recognise the sender (preferably your company)
  4. Personalise the subject line if it makes sense to do so (congratulation mails, e.g. birthday)
  5. Treat customers with respect and only send a newsletter to those customers who want it
  6. Have at least 4 newsletters per year, as otherwise your customers can easily forget that they have registered for the newsletter
  7. Only send informative newsletters. If a newsletter is not informative, then the next one will probably not be opened
  8. A simple differentiation between gender or age can be useful