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Web shops

The majority of online shoppers find their desired product via a search engine, price comparison website, or also via social networks. From there the interested party is routed directly to the respective online shops. The first hurdle is thereby crossed – your ship has been found. However, what annoys customers is the unclear presentation of your products and confusing price information and delivery conditions. Furthermore, it is annoying for a customer when they land on the homepage of the ship and not directly on the page of the product they searched for.

In the area of e-business we programme sophisticated shop systems which are clear and easily understandable for the user. In addition, we create landing pages, so that the potential customer can be routed directly from the referring websites and search engines to the product which they searched for.

The right online shop for everyone

Our range of services includes the creation of small shops, for example for delicatessen retailers with just 30 products, right up to online shops with more than 60,000 articles.

What should the shop have so that customers make repeat purchases with you?

  • A clear structures
  • Landing pages (so that the customer is immediately directed to the product searched for)
  • Clear information on shipping
  • A simple ordering process
  • A contact person in case there are questions

Furthermore, we offer to connect the shop database to an (existing) merchandise management system, so that it is possible to complete the invoicing and send the items without any trouble. From payment upon receipt of invoice, through to pre-payment and credit card payment we can incorporate all common methods of payment into your online shop.

Online shops also in the area of B2B

Not only end users use the internet as a place to shop. Increasingly, online shops are being used in the area of B2B. So for example, many owners of kiosks simply order the items for their shop online with a few mouse clicks.

It is easy to measure the success of an online shop. It can be quickly and simply ascertained:

  • How the customer arrived at the online shop
  • How long he/she spent on each product page and which ones
  • What orders have been received
  • How many visitors have left the e-shop without buying anything
  • At which point the purchasing process was abandoned

Internet-based retailing has developed into an important industry and today almost no mail order businesses can offer their services without an online shop.